About ODIJmond

Omgevingsdienst IJmond, Environmental Service of the Region IJmond, is part of the local government. It performs tasks on the field of environmental management, nature conservation and law enforcement. The most important legal basis of this task is the Dutch Environmental Management Act. The Environmental Service is a co-operation of the municipalities of Beverwijk, Haarlem, Heemskerk, Uitgeest, Velsen and the provincial government of Noord-Holland. These municipalities are located along the North Sea coast in the western part of the Netherlands, approximately 15 kilometres west of Amsterdam.

Omgevingsdienst IJmond also performs a part of the environmental tasks of several other municipalities in the region. The working area comprises a total of 18 municipalities. Because of this co-operating, the associated municipalities benefit from an increased expertise and a much more cost effective performance of tasks on the field of environmental management.

Aims and objectives

Omgevingsdienst IJmond is a professional organization, which focusses on the diverse interests of the local inhabitants, entrepreneurs and the environment. Service and co-operation are our trade marks. Co-operation and professional advice must lead to improvement and protection of the environment. When co-operation as means fails to protect the environment, the environmental service might perform enforcement of the environmental legislation.

Companies and the environment

Of all companies in the region, four thousand are being governed by the Environmental Management Act. These companies include shops, hotel and catering industry and other members of industry. Omgevingsdienst IJmond enforces the environmental legislation, but also provides information to the companies how their impact on the environmental can be reduced.

Companies can turn to Omgevingsdienst IJmond:

  • For general environmental information
  • To apply for licenses for the Environmental Management Act
  • To report environmentally unfriendly acts
  • To report complaints and incidents on environmental issues

Dwelling and the environment

Omgevingsdienst IJmond works together with inhabitants, societal institutions and municipalities to achieve environmental safe conditions in dwelling areas.

Inhabitants can turn to Omgevingsdienst IJmond for:

  • General environmental information
  • Information on the environmental policy of municipalities
  • Participation in environmental policy plans
  • Information on climate and energy policy
  • Information on soil assessment and clean up of pollution
  • Information on noise measurements and measures against noise hindrance
  • Complaints on environmental hindrance
  • Information on environmentally friendly building techniques
  • Subsidisement for environmentally friendly measures

To perform all these tasks adequately, Omgevingsdienst IJmond performs several roles:

  • Executing institution for permitting and law enforcement of the Environmental Management Act and communication and education on environmental affairs
  • (Delegated) commissioning institution for the performance of environmental assessment
  • Consultant for municipal environmental policy making (conductor of the overall process of preparation and drafting of the environmental policy plans and writing of environmental working plans)
  • Co-ordinator of specific environmental projects

Complaints on hindrance

Omgevingsdienst IJmond gives advice on complains on hindrance caused by dust, noise, smell, soil pollution and illegal discharges. After obtaining a complaint, an environmental inspector will investigate the nature and gravity of the complaint. This officer will take measures when needed to prevent further damage to the environment.

Would you like to know more? Please contact Omgevingsdienst IJmond.